Why YAI Training Materials?

YAI DVDs and manuals are created to meet the needs of staff who work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on a daily basis. Whenever possible, real-life situations with program participants are used to demonstrate techniques. Our training materials have won major awards from the President’s Council on Employment of People with Disabilities, the Superfest International Media Festival on Disabilities and the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism. The videos have also received finalist awards in the American Film and Video Festival and the International Film and Video Competition of the New York Festivals and received an Emmy nomination from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

YAI materials are tried and tested in our own day programs, schools, residences, early childhood programs, family support programs, employment training programs and medical practices. They are used by professionals in all states and in over 10 countries throughout the world and by families and people with disabilities. We welcome your suggestions for future topics!

People First Language - "Mental Retardation" to "People with Intellectual Disabilities"

Terms such as "mental retardation" or "retarded" were used when many of these training materials were designed. People with disabilities see these terms as stigmatizing and have asked that they be replaced with the terms "intellectual disability" or "developmental disability." The name change is reflective of a welcome change in attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities, many of whom have pushed for all forms of the word "retardation" to be dropped from names of agencies and organizations across the country. The YAI Network acknowledges the terminology of the past that is reflected in these training materials and encourages trainers to use the more respectful terms "developmental disabilities" or "intellectual disabilities" (intellectual and/or developmental disabilities - I/DD).

Here’s what a parent/professional in the field of developmental disabilities had to say about our training materials:

"When my daughter, Becky, was first diagnosed with developmental disabilities, my husband and I were frantic with worry and very confused regarding her condition. I sought out information wherever I could, and connected with a local disability lending library that offered specialized toys, reading materials and videos from YAI.

At the time, I was involved with a parent support group. Each meeting we would delve into another aspect of raising a young child with disabilities. Using your videos we began to understand childhood development and concrete ways we could help our children, learned how to deal with medical and educational professionals and connected deeply with the videos that featured parents like us — parents who just received their child's diagnosis, and the common feelings of desperation the experience brings. Your videos guided us and helped to stabilize our parenting experiences. That was 16 years ago.

Today, as a counselor working with adults with disabilities, I find your tapes, once again, thorough, powerful and accessible. The tapes are wonderful instructional tools in that they present the information in interesting and engaging ways — using live sessions to demonstrate techniques, giving step-by-step concise directions, while offering an insider's view of what it's like working with a person with developmental disabilities.

As a parent and as a professional working in the disabilities field, I have yet to find a source that surpasses what you do. You are a community resource that deserves to be applauded ... again and again!

Thanks again for all you do."

Kathy Honeyman, Raleigh, North Carolina

Disclaimer/Reproduction of Materials

The training materials described in this Training Store have been used with great success throughout our organization’s 450 programs. However, the YAI Network makes no warranties, expressed or implied, that the use of these materials will produce positive results for every person. In offering these training materials, YAI Network is not providing individualized advice to any person. The YAI Network will not be liable for any possible harm arising out of the use of these materials.

Unauthorized use or reproduction of these materials without the written consent of the YAI Network is strictly prohibited and against the law.