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Celebrate People of All Abilities

Join us on June 1 alongside thousands for YAI's Central Park Challenge. Register by April 25 for a free t-shirt designed by a YAI artist! Can't make it to the event? Discover other ways to help support a more inclusive world.

two people in a crowd at central park challenge, one holds a sign "Disability doesn't discriminate, but people do. Be part of the solution"

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What is YAI?

YAI and its network of affiliate agencies offer children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) a comprehensive range of services. Committed to seeing beyond disability, YAI provides opportunities for people to live, love, work, and learn in their communities.

Two people sit at a table. They appear to be talking and reviewing a document on the table



Do you have a passion for supporting and empowering others? Are you caring, motivated, positive, and team-oriented? If you want a career based on supporting others, creatively finding solutions to life's challenges, and building a more inclusive community, YAI is the place for you. 

2 people sit at at table, one is in a wheelchair, they are both engaged in a drawing task with the person on the left supporting the one on the right. they are both fully enjoying what they are doing with big smiles

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