YAI/RCAPD (Hudson Valley)

Founded in 1968, YAI / Rockland County Association for People with Disabilities (YAI/RCAPD) offers comprehensive services and now supports hundreds of people every day. YAI/RCAPD is evolving new models of care to develop potential, redefine abilities, and help people attain the fullest and most independent lives possible. Services include employment training and placement, residential, family support, social and recreational programs, and innovative day habilitation. 


Does YAI/RCAPD only provide services in Rockland County?

While we originated in Rockland County, we gradually expanded to other counties where our services were needed or requested. All of our services are available in Rockland County, which is still our main location. However, we also provide some of our services in Westchester, Orange, Duchess, and Sullivan counties. To find out which services are available in your county, please contact LINK at 212.273.6182 

What services are provided by YAI/RCAPD?

YAI/RCAPD provides a wide range of services. You can find a full list of services in our service directory.

What makes YAI/RCAPD different from other organizations that support people with disabilities?

Rockland County is very fortunate. There are many good agencies providing quality services and RCAPD is proud to be one of them. RCAPD is unique because we are a relatively small agency with very personalized service. Families and people we support have easy access to our leadership. However, as part of the YAI Network, we have the support and resources of a large, award-winning agency available to us. We have access to clinical, administrative, and training supports that many agencies who are larger than RCAPD could not afford to have. It is the best of both worlds—a small, accessible, boutique agency with the advantage of the resources of a large agency. We feel this combination helps us provide the best service possible to the people we support and their families.   

Additionally, as part of the YAI Network, the people we support and their families also have access to the resources available through YAI, such as family meetings, trainings, medical professionals, and information and referral services. 

What is new at YAI/RCAPD?

One new project is our Friday Night Live program. This is a social group for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are between the ages of 19 and 26. All young people want to socialize with people their own age and do things of interest to them, and the young adults who attend Friday Night Live are no exception. They get together on Friday nights for activities ranging from parties in our multi purpose center, to meeting up for activities in the community, such as going out for pizza, bowling, or a movie. Our staff help participants develop their social skills while the program offers them an opportunity to make new friends. Each session runs for eight weeks from September to June, with some participants signing up for multiple sessions.

We are also very excited about a new residential project we are working on. It is going to be a group of eight one-bedroom apartments for people who are eligible for OPWDD services and have the ability to live independently with some support, located in Clarkstown. Each person in the project will have their own apartment and can have staff assist them in learning to do the things that will empower them to live in their apartments and use their community successfully. This might include learning to cook, going to doctors appointments, shopping for their own food or other supplies, learning to do their own banking, or many other things, based on what their needs are. We are currently identifying people for this project, providing them a different training each month that will help them prepare for this exciting move.

What job opportunities do you have at YAI/RCAPD?

There are an array of career opportunities at RCAPD, with flexible schedules and great benefits. You can see all of our current opportunities in our careers page. Or you can contact Peter Quintana at 845.358.5700 x1123

Can I volunteer for YAI/RCAPD?

Yes, YAI/RCAPD provides opportunities for people to volunteer. We can work with people individually to assess areas of interest and will work to tailor the experience to meet each person’s desires. Please visit yai.org/volunteer for more information.

How can I make a financial gift to YAI/RCAPD?

Thank you for considering making a financial gift to support YAI's mission and services. Your generosity helps ensure the people we support continue to receive the customized services they need, and are able to live life on their terms. There are a number of ways you can give; please visit our donation page  or call 212.273.6350 for more information.

Read a true story that embodies the amazing things that are happening at YAI/RCAPD every day. 

Meet Lydia in Hudson Valley

Photograph of Lydia, sitting at a table coloringLydia was taken advantage of while living independently in her community. Through the advocacy of the YAI/RCAPD staff, Lydia was able to move into a group home and she’s been thriving ever since. She became active in the Self Advocacy group and graduated from SANYS-U, a six-month training program sponsored by the Self Advocacy Association of NY State.  

Lydia sought support through our employment services, and for the past two years she’s been successfully employed as a part-time housekeeper in two of our residences. In fact, she was nominated by her co-workers for her exceptional work, and proudly received a Merit Service Award at the YAI/RCAPD Staff Appreciation Luncheon last fall.

Lydia dreams of one day living in her own apartment again, and to help her avoid the problems she experienced before, Lydia completed a yearlong Independent Living Training Program. Speaking at the graduation ceremony, she said, “I dream to have my own place and to go back to school for a typing class. I also want to keep my job. I am so happy and proud of myself for all I have accomplished this year.”

Lydia’s story is just one example of how people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live truly enriched lives with support from the staff at YAI/RCAPD.