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Directories of New York Family Support Services


Also known as Family Support Guides, these directories list services available for people with a developmental disability and their families. In order to use many of these services, the person with a developmental disability must live with their family in the county the service is offered. These guides are put together by the Developmental Disabilities Councils in each county.

Manhattan Family Support Guide (pdf)
Brooklyn Family Support Guide (pdf)
Queens Family Support Guide (pdf)
Bronx Family Support Guide (pdf)
Staten Island Family Support Guide (pdf)
Long Island Family Support Guide (pdf)
Rockland County Family Support Guide (pdf)
Westchester Family Support Guide (pdf)
Orange County, NY Family Support Guide (pdf)

For other NY counties contact your local DDRO. Examples of the types of programs you will find in the guide are:

  • After School
  • Respite
  • Recreation
  • Family Reimbursement
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Behavior Management
  • Family training
  • Case Management
  • Clinics (therapy, medical, and evaluation services)