Rae Eisdorfer

Rae Eisdorfer wearing a black shirt

Executive Director, Manhattan Star Academy

Rae is the Director at Manhattan Star Academy (MSA), a YAI network agency and nonprofit private school that serves students with a wide range of disabilities. Rae and her team were fundamental to the founding of MSA, which began in 2011 with nothing more than two students, their families, and financial support from YAI. Prior to joining MSA, Rae was the Senior Principal of the New York League for Early Learning Gramercy School in Manhattan, which was cited by the New York State Department of Education and the New York City Board of Education as an Outstanding Early Childhood program. Rae also served as an adjunct associate professor of Early Childhood Education and Special Education at Touro College. A longtime public servant, Rae has served on the New York City Mayor’s Task Force on Autism and is a current member of the Council for Exceptional Children. Rae holds a master’s degree in Education from Queens College. She lives on the Upper West Side with her husband James.