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3-5 Years

Manhattan Star Academy’s preschool offers children aged 3 to 5 years a comprehensive menu of physical and mental stimulation, interactivity, and specialized therapy that prepares them to succeed in traditional and special education elementary programs.

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Lower School

5-12 Years

The Lower School at Manhattan Star Academy opened in 2010 to support children aged 5 to 12 years with global developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, speech and language delays, and neurodevelopmental disabilities. It has gained a reputation for customized learning programs that promote independence, self-confidence, and life skills.

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Upper School

12-21 Years

The Upper School opened in 2019 to encourage continued progress for students aged 12 through 21. Each student in the Upper School has a unique education plan that prepares them for greater independence. Classroom learning and therapy are blended with exercises that build life skills, community engagement, and readiness for the world outside of MSA.

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High achievement begins with high expectations. Manhattan Star Academy starts with the belief that every child has the capacity to learn, grow, and contribute. Teachers and therapists provide students who have a broad range of needs and learning styles with encouragement, support, skills, and opportunities to develop academically and socially. MSA fosters a collaborative, multidisciplinary learning environment. This promotes independence and inclusivity so that MSA students can participate in a global community. Our families are our partners in achieving this vision.  


MSA's mission is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program focused on the whole student. Instructional activities are designed to maximize students’ full potential to be as independent as possible. Our learning environment promotes the active engagement of our students utilizing a multi-modality approach to learning to facilitate the acquisition of academic and life skills. At MSA, we believe our families are an integral part in the growth of our students and members of our school community.

Board of Trustees

Carol Stein, Chair, Kevin Carey, Tara Gensler, Joan Rosenberg, Stacy Stosic

Work With Us!

Are you looking for a career with meaning, that's more than a paycheck? Are you caring, motivated, positive, and team-oriented? Do you have a passion for supporting and empowering others?  

If this sounds like you, then MSA might your next career or volunteer opportunity. We are hiring people and looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills.

Two Manhattan Star Academy students sit at a table looking left from our POV in profile, a staff member is also at the table, we see them from the back

Jael Espino

Mia's Parent

For me, the brightest stars at MSA come in the form of therapist, teachers, paraprofessionals, social workers and more whose light is shared with not only our kids but us as parents. I cannot say enough about the support that I’ve gotten from the star staffers who during the most challenging times find moments to let me know I’m not alone. I’m eternally grateful.


Donate to Manhattan Star Academy

Gifts to Manhattan Star Academy enrich every element of the school, from new classroom technology to advanced curricular and therapeutic tools that further students’ aspirations. All donations are fully tax-deductable.

Manhattan Star Academy student is in therapy room sat criss cross on a platform swing, an adult is behind them supporting/moving the swing