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Why MSA?

Communication Support

Augmentative and assistive communication (AAC) is embedded into MSA’s curriculum.

Wide Range of Services

MSA offers an extensive menu of related services that continues to evolve with our students’ needs.

Small Classroom Size

MSA’s classrooms offer opportunities for individualized attention.

Ready for Complex Needs

MSA is equipped to serve students with dual diagnoses and complex learning needs.

Hearing/Vision Support

Our specialists understand the needs of students with combined vision and hearing loss.


Because no two students have the same needs, MSA’s many disciplines collaborate on each students’ unique learning goals.

About Our Approach

Our curriculum addresses cognitive, intellectual, and social development as well as physical, mental health and nutrition. Teachers utilize the New York State Core Curriculum Standards to create individualized learning experiences, along with Handwriting without Tears and Get Set for School Math and Literacy. In order for students to understand what they have learned, classroom activities must be meaningful to students in the context of their experience and development. We prepare the environment in order to provide stimulating, challenging materials so that students are actively engaged in learning in their environment as well as in developing a foundation for academic success.

MSA curricula are based on the individual abilities and needs of the learners. We promote development in students’ critical thinking, literacy, and acquisition of skills in the cognitive, linguistic, social/emotional, behavioral, and physical domains. The Pearson Work Sampling Program provides students with ongoing classroom observation and documentation, which allows our teachers to individualize curriculum in order to address the goals and objectives on students’ IEPS.

Our nurturing learning environment provides a safe place for students to interact with peers, problem solve and make connections between the developmentally appropriate curriculum and their world. Multi-dimensional project work and enrichment activities build on the student's prior learning experiences and thereby facilitate the acquisition of higher-level skills. 

Our educational approach emphasizes the active engagement of students, opportunity for individual and group exploration, a balance between adult-initiated and student-directed curriculum, and collaborative learning with the emphasis on the process rather than the product. Our goals are to develop skills as well as prepare students to develop positive self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to work independently and with others.

Donate to Manhattan Star Academy

Gifts to Manhattan Star Academy enrich every element of the school, from new classroom technology to advanced curricular and therapeutic tools that further students’ aspirations. Fully tax-deductible donations also defray new costs associated with keeping students and staff safe from COVID-19.

Manhattan Star Academy student is in a ball pit, their arms are outstretched, they wear a peach color shirt and hearing aid

Claudia Charles

Justin's Parent

MSA has some of the most caring, creative, hard-working professionals I have ever met. MSA brings out the best in my son by challenging him everyday. They see the potential in each and every child and as a parent of a child with special needs, there is nothing more valuable than working with professionals who don’t see my child as just a diagnosis or a conglomeration of symptoms. MSA is truly a special place full of special people and I could not be happier or more satisfied with my choice to send my son to school there. Thank you MSA!!!!!! 


Work With Us!

Are you looking for a career with meaning, that's more than a paycheck? Are you caring, motivated, positive, and team-oriented? Do you have a passion for supporting and empowering others?  

If this sounds like you, then MSA might your next career or volunteer opportunity. We are hiring people and looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills.

Current positions include:
Special Education Teacher
Transitional Supervisor and Guidance Counselor
Coordinator of Family Services
Admissions Operations Manager

Two Manhattan Star Academy students sit at a table looking left from our POV in profile, a staff member is also at the table, we see them from the back