CSIDD, a START-certified program*

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Crisis Prevention and Response

Providing crisis prevention and response for people (ages 6 and above) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who present with complex behavioral and mental health needs.

Services Include:

  • Crisis Mitigation Techniques
  • Therapeutic Resource Centers
  • In Home Support
  • Crisis Response
  • Consultation
  • Education and Training

CSIDD (Crisis Services for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) — a program certified by the Center for START Services,* is a short-term rehabilitative service targeted for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) who have significant behavioral or mental health needs. Services are delivered by multi-disciplinary teams providing personalized, intensive, time-limited services to individuals meeting the CSIDD eligibility criteria. CSIDD does not replace or duplicate any other OPWDD service being provided in the community and provides support to people living at home with their families or who reside in residential programs.

The program works to mitigate psychiatric emergency and inpatient hospitalization. Using a systemic approach CSIDD engages with community partners and other stakeholders to provide linkages in the community, psychoeducation, and other training to enhance the quality of life for the people and their systems of care.

* For more information, please visit the Center for START Services.

For Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx contact: 212.273.6300

For Brooklyn and Staten Island contact: 646.565.5890

To learn more about CSIDD visit OPWDD's Crisis Services webpage.

OPWDD eligibility is required to enroll in this service.