Bringing Back Memories

Fri, February 17, 2012

A recent post by Sarah Baier, titled, “Never an Acceptable Use of the R Word,” brought back memories.

I recall my everyday struggles I went through in school. I remember being told I was "a retard" when I couldn’t do something right! “You can’t play with us because


you don’t know how to play or being called a loser! Whenever I wanted to be down with the crew, I remember being called on in class to participate by the teacher and not saying much, not doing well on examinations. People wondered 'what is his problem.'
I did hang out with people, and would spend some time alone. I knew about baseball, knew the history of the game, and I believe I would do well in a baseball quiz contest. I Was good with oral presentations, but not as strong in other parts of academics and socializing. I just wish I was a good ballplayer. Maybe things be different, but I really don’t know. 

Things from the past still do haunt me: Yet I wish some of those same people could see me now!