I'm Just Like You

Fri, March 02, 2012

I recently read an article from Fairfax, Va., that reported 85 percent of people with an intellectual or developmental disability are not employed, even though many want to work. While I personally know how hard it can be for a person with a disability to find work, it's still rather shocking.

Since March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month, I started thinking about everything I've been through and how far I've come:
1. Education -- I earned a college degree in media/communications from Hunter College. After graduation no doors opened! A college professor who I trusted did nothing for me! I contacted about two or more job agencies who deal with getting jobs for people with disabilities. They were hardly any help at all: I told them what my interests were but I never heard from them.


2. I'm currently employed at the New York Public Library.

3. I'm working on going back to school, and want to continue keeping myself busy with reporting/photography! I enjoy working on YAI's Self-Advocacy Newsletter, reporting for couple of other websites and publications: PRSUN.Blogspot.com, aleida.net, and Community Access Newspaper, and sometimes have been given the honor of working. I've  worked with the YAI video and media team at events, working as real reporter with a microphone, being in front of the camera. And I'm getting good feedback!

In an ideal world, I wish I didn't have to struggle for so many things. And, yes, I also wish I was playing baseball in the Major Leagues. I wish I was a little bigger. However, I do have a fine collection of baseball books and I often feel I could do well in a baseball quiz contest!

I'd like to suggest that people:

And remember, education (in its different forms) is important for everyone!