My Son Is Moving Out

Tue, January 10, 2012

Because of our son's disability, my husband's and my hands-on parenting responsibilities for Jeff have gone on many years longer than with our other child. In spite of a relatively high level of independence that he has been able to attain, we continue to have to monitor his comings and goings closely. We anticipate a big hole in our lives when he moves out next month. We are very excited but also nervous about how we fill that hole.  

YAI Dream House

As the day comes closer and closer, our conversations with Jeff revolve around how it will be when he lives in the house and not with us. We talk about his responsibilities and how he will be accountable to his roommates and staff. He won't be able to play the staff the way he does us. To a large extent we are accustomed to his shenanigans and have our ways to manage them. Sometimes it is really exhausting. It could be that the fresh eyes of the professional staff will be the best thing for him. 

I know that we are all looking forward to the change but will miss him like crazy.