YAI Network’s 31st Annual International Conference Draws National Autism Experts

Mon, November 30, 2009


Our 2010 International Conference will take place on April 26-29, 2010 at a fantastic new venue, The Hilton New York! The conference will have a new format, featuring more extended sessions and full-day workshops from some of the most prominent experts in the field of autism spectrum disorders. Among the world-class presenters are:

• Carol Gray, Director of The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding, on social skills development
• Dr. Vincent Carbone, Director of the Carbone Clinic, on methods to increase vocal production in children with wutism
• Tom Caffrey, on the verbal behavior approach to teaching children with autism
• Dr. Stephen Shore, author, advocate and educator, with a firsthand perspective on autism spectrum disorders
• Dr. Sima Gerber, Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at Queens College, on language acquisition and intervention for children