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Group of people pose at the Jay-Z exhibit in Central Library, Brooklyn
From left: Quincy Skinner, Nicole Walton, Kysheen Skinner, Lee Jarvis, Carmen Flores, and Harriet Movitz pose at The Book of HOV exhibit in Central Library in Brooklyn.

Some die-hard Jay-Z fans from the 206th Street IRA in the Bronx recently took a trip to the Central Library in Brooklyn to see The Book of HOV exhibit and it did not disappoint. 

The exhibit features never-before-seen images, art, and ephemera from the artist’s archives, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the hip-hop legend’s extraordinary life and career. The free, immersive experience is one of the only installations of its scope to be housed in an active public space and features text, audio, and curation by Roc Nation teams and partners.  

“I saw videos and photos of him and got to take pictures of me standing next to his jewelry and jacket,” said Nicole Walton, the 206th Street resident who helped spearhead the trip. She heard about the exhibit on the radio and advocated with staff to get a group together to go see it. “I love all Jay-Z songs and I think he raps really well, but my favorite is Empire State of Mind featuring Alicia Keys."  

Six residents and two staff went on the trip on September 16. It was the first time that the group had a chance to see a hip-hop exhibit and got to experience the history and culture of their favorite music genre.  

“I think these kinds of outings promote assertiveness and increases advocacy skills. It’s always nice when we can make people's requests come true,” said Dwane Jolly, Assistant Supervisor at the residence. “This is a group who really express what they want to do and help with the research for any trip or activity we plan – it helps boost their confidence and I enjoy seeing them flourish."