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Students from the Upper School at Manhattan Star Academy (MSA) soaked up the sun and enjoyed “Fun Day” on August 11 at a local park to celebrate the end of summer sessions at the school. 

“Fun Day is really about the kids. It’s seeing the joy in kids’ faces and watching them do silly things,” said James O’Brien, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the Upper School. “Some things we work on are communication, requesting, following simple directions, being able to tolerate delays and denials, sharing, turn-taking – all great byproducts when you are just having fun.”

Montage of 8 photos of students and some staff engaged in outdoor activities
MSA students and staff are all smiles as they basked in the sun for "Fun Day."

Students got an opportunity to engage in water play and other activities at the playground. They were supported by staff who also joined in on the fun.  

“It allows people to see our students as active, important, contributing members of our society,” said Natalie Buzzeo, Senior Speech Language Pathologist at the Upper School.  

MSA developed Fun Day so that students could enjoy playtime with less structure in the park, giving them a community experience like their neurotypical peers while in a safe setting.

The new school year at MSA starts on September 8.