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Physical therapist at work
Physical Therapist Thomas Cipriano works with Daniel Chang at Bayside Clinic

After a yearlong break, Daniel Chang finally resumed his in-person physical therapy sessions two weeks ago. He, like many others, had a difficult time transitioning to an all-virtual setting when the pandemic hit last year and he had to pause his sessions. 

Chang, 29, has been receiving YAI services since 2007 and recently resumed his physical therapy sessions at the Bayside clinic with his new physical therapist, Thomas Cipriano.  

“We found Thomas to be very proactive, motivating, and an extremely professional caring physical therapist,” said Jenny Mao, Chang’s mother. “Daniel is really enjoying working with Thomas and I believe Thomas is a tremendous asset for YAI.”  

The duo has been working on Chang’s balance and joint range of motion. Chang meets with Cipriano every Friday and hopes to expand his sessions to twice a week moving forward.  

“He’s been really good so far and receptive because he’s been very involved in other recreation physical activities,” said Cipriano.  

“I am hoping to get my patients back to their pre-pandemic level of activity and function,” he added.  

Chang continues to receive occupational therapy and group social therapy and hopes to rejoin his Bayside day habilitation activities in person in the near future.