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Every September, eVero, YAI’s vendor for Digital Agency (a database system used by YAI programs), hosts a contest for DSP Recognition Week. Provider agencies are invited to submit outstanding DSPs as nominees, and eVero chooses ten winners to receive $100 gift cards. This year, the competition was fierce, with more than 450 nominees from more than 50 I/DD agencies. Despite the odds, two YAI DSPs won the gift cards.  

Two photos of YAI DSPS Kamela Johnson (left) and Jeanette Longmore (right), eVero raffle winners
Kamela Johnson (left) and Jeanette Longmore (right), eVero raffle winners.

For Kamela Johnson, who has been at YAI for 15 years, the recognition was a nice bonus after a difficult year. “When I got back to work post-COVID, it was heartwarming to see the people we support remembered things about me, like my birthday and my kids. It makes me appreciate the impact you really make at this job."   

Jeanette Longmore, the other YAI DSP to win, didn't even know she had been nominated until she received the gift card. However, after 13 years at YAI, her affinity for the people she supports has only grown with time. "People we support are so loving, caring, and willing to learn,” Longmore said. “Every day, I learn from them as much as they do from me, which makes me truly love my job." 

Congratulations to Johnson and Longmore!