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Back in November, nine artists from YAI Arts were invited to put on a show at Radio Park in Rockefeller Center. The exhibition, Goodnight Noises Everywhere, focused on dreams and imagination. Artists prepped for the show by keeping dream journals, jotting down snippets from dreams as soon as they woke up. For Artist Mentor Mallory Perry, it was particularly exciting to see the artists get to use new mediums. 

collage of many photos of artwork and people from the Rockefeller Arts opening
Scenes from the opening of YAI Arts' Goodinght Noises Everywhere - Photo credit Karl T Moore Photography

“We’ve never worked with such a large budget, so it gave the artists new avenues to express their creativity,” Perry said. “We got to hire a screen printer to screen all their work, and we got to hire someone to turn their drawings into animations.”

The exhibition, which remained open for three days, included a reception that was open to the public and drew a large crowd. A few of the artists were even selected to lead a workshop for Rockefeller Center employees, which empowered them to hone their teaching skills as well.

“It was a great turnout, and we got a really positive reaction to the show,” said Perry. “The artists were extremely proud. It was a big celebration.”

YAI Arts is also a winter partner with MoMA, which means they will do weekly gallery tours and visits, while also having the opportunity to create artwork at the museum. The season will culminate in a group show at MoMA at the end of February.