Arnold, Mo., Should Be On Everyone's Radar

Fri, March 09, 2012

Missouri always has been known as the Show Me State. We have Harry S Truman to thank for that. But recently the City of Arnold, which I confess I never had heard of until this morning, has taken a major step for the field.

 The city council has decided to implement new writing guidelines -- no one with a disability should be defined by their deficit. So simple. So logical. So needed, unfortunately.

As our organization begins to rethink the way we do everything (and yes, this blog is part of our transformation), little Arnold's message validates the direction we are heading.

“Write about the people first, only mention the disability if it’s needed,” Bill Knittng, Director of the Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Resource Board, said about Arnold City Council motion.

Why should anyone be labeled by what they can't do, opposed to what they can do. (See Ismael Nunez's recent post).

Big ideas can come from little movements and Arnold is showing us the way.