Countdown to My Favorite Season

Mon, April 02, 2012

When trees begin to blossom and warm weather rolls in I start to get really excited for summer. Not for the beach or extravagant vacations. This means that summer camp is near and for years and years that meant packing a trunk crammed with nalgene bottles, as many socks as it could hold, crazy costumes and lots of sunblock and heading to the woods.

As a child, this was usually for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, as a teenager a month, and as a counselor and group leader for 10 glorious weeks during college's summer break.

After a  long weekend called "winter camp," a reunion of such, I began my extensive countdown until the summer.

Now a days, despite no longer having the chronological age that allows me to attend camp or a job that has me there all summer, there is something special in knowing that hundreds of other kids are slowly counting down.

For over 20 years YAI, in partnership with the Frost Valley YMCA, has created summers filled with memories. These memories drive their own countdowns which start almost as soon as they return home.

Whether it's through YAI's camp or a different one, the power of camp is truly remarkable. It has guided me in my career as well as countless other peers who find themselves in unique, creative and inspiring jobs that fundamentally align with the root of camp -- a place to find out who you are and how the world around you works with the love and support you need.

It's hard to put into words the meaning of camp. I think our new video captures a lot about what is the best thing about camp because the best thing about camp is . . . everything.