Weight Management at Premier

Wed, August 05, 2009

Thanks to a generous grant from the New York Community Trust, Premier HealthCare (Premier) has launched an important initiative to help people with developmental disabilities achieve and maintain a healthy weight and overall well being.

“Despite the tremendous volume of media exposure regarding the national obesity epidemic, few of our patients and their families recognize the power of healthy diets in promoting physical and emotional well being,” said Dr. Steven Lowe, Senior Physician at Premier and Chief of its Weight and Health Management Program. “Our program will be instrumental in spreading the important message of healthful lifestyles to our patients with disabilities.”

The Weight and Health Management Program is a collaborative effort between Premier, a member of the YAI/NIPD Network, and YAI/NIPD’s Center for Specialty Therapy. “Patients will benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, with coordinated medical, nutrition, physical and occupational therapy, psychiatric and mental health services,” explained Melissa Benzuly, Project Coordinator of the Weight Management Program. “This ground-breaking approach will provide essential education and support to help our consumers improve their health status and quality of life.”

“We’re very pleased that the New York Community Trust has chosen to support Premier HealthCare’s work in the area of weight management for people with intellectual disabilities,” said Marco Damiani, Director of YAI/NIPD’s Clinical and Family Services Department.
“This funding will not only directly and positively impact patient care. It will also help promote a better understanding of the needs of this underserved population, enable us to enhance our clinical pathways and further strengthen our collaborative healthcare model.”