YAI Network Co-Sponsors National Town Hall Addressing the Needs of Adults with Autism

Mon, November 30, 2009

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism logo

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA), a group of autism advocacy organizations and service providers focused on addressing the need for effective services for adults with autism, held a national Town Hall meeting at 16 different sites throughout the United States on November 13 with the goal of developing a national policy agenda. The YAI Network co-sponsored the Town Hall meeting held in Newark, New Jersey.

The National Town Hall took place at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with more than 1,000 people participating in satellite sites nationwide. Among those in attendance from YAI were Dr. Charles Cartwright, Dr. Peter DellaBella, Josh Rubin, Ralph Coloma and Marlene DeSavino. YAI Network representatives offered their expertise in working groups on topics such as employment, housing and community supports for adults with autism and voted on proposals that were developed during the course of the full-day session. The shared priorities and recommendations will help shape a much-needed national policy agenda.
“The Town Hall meeting was a great opportunity to move dialogue forward about the needs of adults with autism,” said Josh Rubin, YAI’s Director of Policy. “I was pleased that YAI played such a prominent role in this important national effort.”