Parents with Special Needs (PWSN)

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Network Agency:
YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities
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Parents with Special Needs (PWSN) is a program to empower parents, strengthen parent/child interaction, and enhance independence. The program focuses on goals identified by the parents to enhance their effectiveness and lead a balanced parenting lifestyle.  

We provide a variety of services including in-home and community-based training as well as support and skills groups. Most work is completed in a 1:1 setting for 9-12 months with the support of trained clinicians.

We facilitate:

  • Parent Support and Skills Group
  • Parenting and Family Empowerment
  • Skill Training: Infant Care, Behavior Management, Safety Awareness and Money Management
  • Self Advocacy and Community Resources  
  • Exploring Independence vs. Interdependence 
  • Enhancing Parental Self Esteem and Confidence 


  • Our training techniques are tailored specifically for parents with developmental disabilities.
  • Parents must meet OPWDD eligibility before qualifying for our services.  
  • Parent can participate in our service as long as their parental rights are not terminated.