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Admissions Process

The iHOPE Admissions Team works closely with every potential student and family to ensure a smooth and fair admission and intake process.

825 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

P: 212.787.8315
F: 212.787.1740

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The Main Steps Are:

Initial Meeting ⇨

The family meets a member of the iHOPE Admissions Team and is invited on a tour of our facilities.

Document Review ⇨

Student documentation is provided by the family and reviewed by the Admissions Team.

In-Person Assessment ⇨

An in-person assessment of the potential student is conducted.

After submitting an initial application you will hear back from us to start the admissions process.

Judith Maysonet

Angie’s Mother

When Angie is at iHOPE, I know she is in the best possible hands. I do not worry about her: she is loved, cared for, and protected.


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A decade ago, iHOPE welcomed its first five students. Today, iHOPE serves over 100 students with TBI. iHOPE upholds the best special education practices, tailoring instruction and care to each student’s unique goals, needs, and abilities. iHOPE incorporates the latest technology and therapies into each student’s routine. This empowers students for greater independence, and it wouldn’t be possible without your support. Please consider a donation today to help our students flourish.

An iHOPE student and staff are sharing a laugh together, the student has a communication device in front of them on the wheelchair table