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High achievement begins with high expectations. Manhattan Star Academy for 5- to 21-year-olds starts with the belief that every child has the capacity to learn, grow, and contribute. Teachers and therapists provide students who have a broad range of needs and learning styles with encouragement, support, skills, and opportunities to develop academically and socially.

Individually tailored programs. State of the art equipment.
Quality teachers and therapists.

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Parent Testimonials

"The Manhattan Star Academy is more than a school for our son, it is also family to us. We know that when he leaves in the morning he will be safe and his needs will be met at MSA. If you have a question or a concern about your child they are just a call or email away! Kerry Ackerman is amazing she has helped us through the admission process and continues to help us in any way she can. My son’s teacher and teacher aides are wonderful! The therapists are always finding a way to meet his needs. They are amazing!!!!!!!" - Diana

"Manhattan Star Academy has created an individualized curriculum to meet our daughter’s needs. MSA also has wonderful, caring and experienced teachers and staff as well as well-rounded programs and activities (e.g., yoga, music, art, great field trips, etc) that have all come together to make our daughter happier and more fulfilled at school than she has ever been! She loves going to MSA each day!" -Laurie

Admission Process

1. Attend a Manhattan Star open house tour

The open houses are designed to show prospective families our brand new space and the program. At the open house families will learn about Manhattan Star's unique curriculum, learn about the application process, and speak with staff.

Please email msaadmissions [at] to reserve a space in one of our upcoming tours.

2. Submit an application
At the conclusion of the admissions tour you will be able to obtain an application.

The application fee is $50 and is non-refundable.

3. Student observation and parent interview
Each student will be observed in either their current school or invited to participate in a 30 minute activity at the Manhattan Star Academy. During this time, families will meet with the admissions coordinator or school counselor for the parent interview.

4. Acceptance
Families will be notified once the process is completed.

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Manhattan Star Academy has rolling admissions through the school year.


Manhattan Star Academy has developed a curriculum that addresses all cognitive, intellectual and social development as well as physical, mental health and nutritional needs. The teachers also utilize the New York State Core Curriculum Standards to create individualized learning experiences, along with Handwriting without Tears and Get Set for School Math and Literacy. In order for students to fully understand what they have learned classroom activities must be meaningful to the student in the context of the student's experience and development. We prepare the environment in order to provide stimulating, challenging materials so that each student is actively engaged in learning in his/her present environment as well as in developing a foundation for academic success.

The MSA Curriculum is based on the individual abilities and needs of the learners. We promote development in our student's critical thinking, literacy and acquisition of skills in the cognitive, linguistic, social/emotional, behavioral and physical domains.

Our educational approach emphasizes the active engagement of students, opportunity for individual and group exploration, a balance between adult-initiated and student-directed curriculum, and collaborative learning with the emphasis on the process rather than the product. Our goals are to develop skills as well as prepare students to develop positive self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to work independently and with others.

Our nurturing learning environment provides a safe place for students to interact with peers, problem solve and make connections between the developmentally appropriate curriculum and their world. Multi-dimensional project work and enrichment activities build on the student's prior learning experiences and thereby facilitate the acquisition of higher level skills. The Pearson Work Sampling Program provides students with ongoing classroom observation and documentation, which allows our teachers to individualize curriculum in order to address the goals and objectives on student's IEPS.

Mission & Values


Manhattan Star Academy (MSA) fosters a collaborative, multidisciplinary learning environment. This promotes independence and inclusivity so that MSA students can participate in a global community. Our families are our partners in achieving this vision.  

Mission Statement:

MSA's mission is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program which focuses on the whole student. Instructional activities are designed for each student to maximize their full potential and be as independent as possible. Our learning environment promotes the active engagement of our students utilizing a multi-modality approach to learning to facilitate the acquisition of academic and life skills. At MSA, we believe our families are an integral part in the growth of our students and members of our school community.


We offer a continuum of care to educate school age children with a diverse range of special needs.

Our mission is to support and empower children with global developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, speech and language delays, and neuro-developmental disabilities.

We utilize a comprehensive, tailored approach to meet the needs of children with a variety of skill sets.

Our approach emphasizes collaboration among teachers, therapists, and other professionals.

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Our core values seek to support and empower our diverse learners. The foundation of our core values are:

S. Solution-Based Thinking

T. Therapeutic Collaboration

A. Analytic Approach

R. Realistic Goals 


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